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Birth: 9 lb 13 oz, 20.75 inches
2 months: 11 lb 10 oz, 25 inches
4 months: 14 lb 13 oz, 26.5 inches
6 months: 17 lb 12 oz, 27.5 inches
9 months: 20 lb 3 oz, 29 inches

The 1-year checkup is tomorrow afternoon. Any guesses as to where he's at now?

how much does critter weigh?

how tall is critter?

Milestones over the last few weeks:

-- no more new teeth. Still just 2 on top and 2 on bottom.
-- walking like crazy. kind of running.
-- takes baths without complaint.
-- says FIVE WORDS now: "mama", "dada", "ba ba" (ball), "bup" (up), and "duck".
-- claps his hands (oh my GOD this is cute)

I think I'm almost done pumping. I've cut down to once in the morning and once before bed. This morning I wasn't engorged and got about 7 ounces total, which is way less than I used to get. It's ok. I'm going to talk to the doc tomorrow about formula vs whole cow's milk. he's been having formula almost daily since I was in Florida anyhow. I did good. He has had at least *some* breastmilk every single day of his life. That's an accomplishment. And for 90% of his life, he had only breastmilk to drink. So. I did good. He's happy and healthy and sometime in the next few weeks or so, my boobs will once again belong to me, I think.

Happy Birthday, Christopher Sean.

You made it to a year. Your dad and I made it, too. Woo!

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critter's first birthday

is SUNDAY. as is critter's first birthday party.

email me for details if you would like to come!

(this is also going to be my 34th b-day party, more towards the evening)

Happy Mother's Day

To me, to my mom, to my sister, to Bette, and to all the wonderful mothers I know out there, especially Hollie, Jojo, Lisa, Jina, Laney, Katelin, Elaine, Robin, Aki, Juli, Bridget, Jane, Rachael, Anne, Gwynn, Carrie, Allison, Celeste, Emma, and Tamar. And any other moms who are reading this. You've got one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs in the whole wide world.


look! look! he's not screaming his head off!

This is monumental. This is the first bath since his FIRST EVER bath (that was approximately 11 months ago, people) where he actually ENJOYED himself. Look! he's playing! he was splashing and having FUN!

I am beyond happy with this development, let me tell you. Oh my yes. Beyond happy.

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I'm in Florida.

So, Tuesday, my mom comes back from a walk with Bette and Critter, and says, "You need to rest. Come back to Florida and I will take care of Critter and you can get better."

Oh, man. I went through a lot of thinking on this one.

Pros: someone else would be taking care of Critter. Someone with actual ENERGY (it says a lot that my MOM has more energy than I do right now). She would be taking care of him OVERNIGHT so that I could SLEEP. Sean would be able to get some stuff done around the house/yard/Lopez guilt- and interruption-free. I could laze around getting better. My mom and sister and nephew get some Critter time. Mom pays for the plane tickets (and, presumably, all my/Critter's groceries while we're here).

Cons: Don't know how long it'll take before I feel better. During that time, Sean and I don't get to see each other. And Critter and Sean don't get to see each other. This is sub-optimal.

Sean and I talked. I cried a lot. And then I bought a ticket to Florida. Ivana and Rod had stopped by to deliver some morels, and she helped me pack (THANK YOU). Wednesday morning, we were on our way to the airport.

I'm not going to be ABLE to go home until I'm better. Navigating the airport with baby + car seat + stroller + 2 items of carry-on luggage will be quite a challenge. There's no way I could've done that without my mom carrying almost everything. The plan is, to put Critter in the Babyhawk, hook the car seat on to the stroller, push the stroller and pull the other 2 bags. I could definitely handle that, were I feeling healthy.

And, today? Today I slept until 11 (Eastern). Didn't get to sleep until 2AM, but that's ok. time change and all. And I woke up on my own terms. Not because I had to feed and take care of my son. I felt RESTED for the first time in almost a year.

Almost out of milk, though. Being sick caused my supply to go way down, and my freezer stash got completely used up. Mom's going to (sigh) go buy some formula tonight, because odds are pretty good that we'll need it. I'm resigned and kind of sad about it, but I just have to keep reminding myself that *he's still getting breastmilk*. it's just not *exclusive*, which is OKAY. I'm a lot less freaked out about it than I thought I would be, and I really do think that's because I stopped taking the Wellbutrin in favor of upping the Zoloft. Interesting. Zoloft has anti-anxiety stuff, right?

So, today, I have spent a LOT of time just sitting in bed. I am pretty wasted. I listen to the birds out in the marsh on the other side of the 12th hole of the golf course that my mom and sister live next to, and that's kind of nice.

Hope I get better soon, though. Because I don't *feel* sick. Just exhausted.

i always was an overachiever.

normal white blood cell count: 4,500 - 10,000 per microliter
my count on friday pre-antibiotics: 27,800 per microliter

no wonder dr. s was concerned.

no worries. it's at normal levels as of saturday.

(had a followup dr. appointment today. I am supposed to take it MASSIVELY easy for the next couple weeks. I'm tired of being tired.)


so i spent about 3 hours at Swedish today because dr. joy got my bloodwork back and was concerned.

the upshot is:

not only do i have a kidney infection, but I also have pneumonia! oh my god, will the fun never end?

that said, i actually feel pretty good.


So, YAY, my mom is here. she flew in wednesday night, and showed up here at the house around 11 thursday morning.

REALLY good timing, because i started to feel sick. i was hurting. i was lightheaded and feverish and fatigued. I spent most of the day in bed. i didn't eat much of anything.

Overnight I slept horribly. Hurt to lie on my left side. hurt to lie on my right side. almost didn't hurt to lie on my back. sweating. freezing. ugh. got up around midnight to pee and was overcome by nausea. god, that was a fun night.

Sean = superhero. he took all the baby-wakings and got up with Critter at 6:40 when he was up for good.

So this morning, my mom showed up around 9 or so (Sean and Bette called her to come over as early as possible) and took care of Critter. Sean made me promise to call the dr. if I wasn't feeling better. I wasn't. I had a 102.1 fever. took some tylenol and the fever went up to 103. nice. Made an appointment for this afternoon with my dr.

So, diagnosis: kidney infection. That would explain the weird pain in my lower back, only on one side, yes? ugh. I have nice antibiotics, and looked them up in Hale's, and they are fine for breastfeeding. I have been managing to pump while semi-reclined. Thank goodness I've got that battery pack for my pump.

I really hope I feel better soon. Because the last couple of days have been really hellish, and I would like to enjoy my mother's visit.

Oh, and there's about 2 inches of snow on the ground.

run for the hills.

the critter is WALKING.


mama on floor.
critter standing at the couch, a couple feet away.

mama: c'mere! come to mama, baby!

critter: *looks. thinks. turns. lets go. walks anywhere from 1-5 steps to get to mama*

mama and anyone else watching: *wild applause*

repeat as needed with daddy or grandmamir in mama's place.

oh my.

it is AMAZING.

(he will be 10 months old on 3/25)